Friday, 17 January 2014

Uttoxeter from Derby

The first part of this ride, that is from Derby to Hilton, is already covered in the post of  Dec 2013,
so we now look at the route from Hilton to Uttoxeter, that being Routr 549 of the National Cycle Network, which runs along the Dove Valley and roughly parallel to the A50 trunk road.

This is the end of the off-road section of Route 54, the Mickleover Greenway, where above this, the Egginton Junction Bridge, is the A5132 road running between Hilton and Willington.  Route 54 goes on towards Burton-upon-Trent via Egginton and Route 549 goes in the opposite direction.

 This view is looking towards Hilton from the railway level crossing which is behind the camera. The distance from here to Uttoxeter is 15 miles.

   From the top of the bridge we head towards Hilton, passing Birch Trees Farm, behind trees  on left.

    Turn left after the farm onto the old access road to Hilton Industrial Estate, through these posts.

            After a short stretch of tarmac turn right through these posts onto the Hilton Greenway.

The Hilton Greenway passes between Don Amott's Leisure Kingdom on the right and the Hilton Industrial Estate on the left.

We emerge from the Greenway onto The Mease which encircles the village of Hilton on the South side. Turn left here, either on the road or on the shared path opposite.

               There are several roundabouts on The Mease, and we go straight on at all of them.


                     After this bus stop, turn left following the sign to Marston-on-Dove.

                      Turn right at this junction opposite Marston Hall, and head towards the church.

     Straight on to pass St. Helen's Church, which looks out over the flat landscape of the Dove Valley.

  Watch out for cattle grids on the open road across the unfenced sheep pastures, with the new Nescafe Coffee Factory under construction on the horizon.

As we approach the construction site we turn right at the fence onto the much improved path which encircles the new factory.

This area has been subject to flooding in the past, but this has been taken into consideration in the design of the new path which is of generous width and has a good surface.


Straight on through this gate.
                                Onto Church Street where we turn left at the junction.

                                    Then right at the roundabout onto Scropton Road.

                                                     Through Scropton Village.

                                                        And turn right here
                                             And immediately left for Sudbury village.
                                                         Past the Post Office .......
                            And the National Trust's Sudbury Hall, visible on the left through the trees.
                                   Left at roundabout following sign to Doveridge.

                                   Straight on at Give Way sign by the Cavendish Arms.

                   And onto disused road, now a dedicated cycle path alongside the A50 trunk road.

                          Cross the River Dove on this bridge and we are then in Staffordshire.

 At end of the path alongside the A50 roundabout and opposite the Dove Bridge PH turn left onto new cycle path which will soon run all the way into Uttoxter.
                        This new path is a big improvement, keeping cyclists clear of the road traffic.

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